Supporting a Global Evolutionary Shift To Holistic Perspectives, Practice & Organisation

Festival Of Holism & Evolution 2026

The Holos Earth Project will celebrate the centenary of the publication of the ground-breaking book Holism & Evolution by Jan Smuts with a Festival of contemporary holistic perspectives and practice.

At the Festival, we will celebrate the achievements and endeavours of contemporary innovators who have striven to apply holistic, regenerative approaches to our core existential challenges in the fields of environment, farming, food, energy, education, housing, health, arts and governance. We aim to amplify lessons learned and acknowledge the benefits, development and advancement of the holistic perspective both over the last century and for next 100 years.

If your share our vision, whether you are an experienced practitioner or an enthusiastic campaigner please join us in curating and convening the Holism & Evolution Festival 2026 when we will celebrate achievements in applying Holistic Perspectives and Practice. You can join us now in Conversations On The Way in a series of on-line events starting with holistic practitioner Daniel Christian Wahl.

What Is The Holos Project About?

We are building an international network of individuals and organisations to explore how to shift thinking and practice to the holistic perspective. This transformed world-view will better address the complex challenges of the 21st century.

Living A Holistic Life.

Whilst the prevailing mechanistic and materialistic worldview has brought numerous advantages, it is now recognised as having separated us from natural organic life processes. 

Evaluating the cost of that separation in terms of the quality of human life and planetary sustainability is an essential aspect of creating a new compass to navigate by. 

Restoring Our Connection With Life.

We are committed to discovering together how to personally live a holistic life to assist with the process of building self-organising communities of practice engaged in applying the holistic perspective. These network nodes will be multidisciplinary, regionally based or distributed around specific communities of interest.  

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Holos Earth is a gathering space for leading edge thinkers and practitioners building an international network, capable of and committed to, changing the discourse and practice of holistic leadership and governance in the face of the meta-crisis of global challenges humanity faces today.

An Introduction To Holism