A Dummy’s Guide To Holism

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A Dummy’s Guide To Holism 

By Michelle Le Vieux 

Exploring Relatedness 

The essence of the holistic perspective and practice is willingness to explore relatedness; to self, to others, and to the world. From becoming aware of the emergence from that relatedness arises a ‘knowing’ how to best influence. Since ‘holism’ is the coming into relationship of different dynamics, generating an integrated ‘new’, creativity is its core product. 

Focusing In Not Out

The holistic perspective and response, rather than focus on what others are doing ‘out there’, trying to change the ‘out there’,  focuses on enabling change through all personal interactions.The journey of holistic self-discovery is thus a transformed awakening and growth in consciousness. It’s about becoming aware of the unconscious dynamics that influence and energize my worldview such as my significant experiences, my indoctrinated prejudices, my beliefs and values. 

Increasing Our Ability To Influence

Thus the Holos Project is not merely a group of people talking about topics relevant to today’s dynamic world. The key opportunity of growing in the holistic perspective is less about the models or ideas presented, and more about becoming present in the engagement with others. By becoming aware of my response to the content offered and the way I relate to it in the moment, I can also appreciate the emerging dynamic that I generate through that response. I believe it is in that moment of awareness that we can influence and bring about change. Ultimately the creativity is in the choice of how I’ll ‘be’, how I’ll ‘show up’. 

Becoming Present

With the core theme of ‘human becoming’ the objective of Holos Project discussions is thus essentially about increased self-awareness. Following those interactive experiences I can take new insights about my interactions back out into my world. They can then serve to help me adapt my responses; whether they relate to the themes of ‘education’ and learning, the policies, rules and regulations of ‘governance’, ‘my economic’ behaviour, or caring for everyone’s ‘wellbeing’. Thereafter the further opportunity is to identify who I want to work with to find collaborative ways of expressing these new perspectives out into the world. This might be engaging in a project together – or simply serving as a reference point, the ‘elder’ sounding board that James Bond spoke about, allowing ideas to ‘flow upwards’. 

Ultimately, from this perspective, cultivating holistic practice is about human becoming – and that’s about spiritual growth and development.  

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