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  • What do health, hope and despair have to do with finding solutions to the Anthropocene and metacrisis?
    This is a synopsis of part 2 of the Holos Earth Project conversations with Daniel Christian Wahl (DCW) accompanying this recording. It was created in preparation for a Holos Earth Project webinar on 19th July 2023 at 6pm BST. by Marcus Link, 9th July 2023 This session with DCW is about regeneration … Read more
  • A Mind-shift To A New World Of Opportunity
    A mind-shift to a new world of opportunity By Claudius Van Wyk  Reflections on the book by Drewell and Larsson: ‘Changing The World We Create – beyond climate crisis, polarised societies and failed leadership’. I have written much recently about the current state of leadership in the world. In 1992, shortly after … Read more
  • A Dummy’s Guide To Holism
    A Dummy’s Guide To Holism  By Michelle Le Vieux  Exploring Relatedness  The essence of the holistic perspective and practice is willingness to explore relatedness; to self, to others, and to the world. From becoming aware of the emergence from that relatedness arises a ‘knowing’ how to best influence. Since ‘holism’ is the … Read more