Holism & Evolution Festival 2026

In 2026, the Holos-Earth Project wants to mark a significant event in the evolution of human consciousness: it will be the centenary celebration of the publication of Jan Smuts’ ground-breaking book Holism & Evolution published in 1926. (For a link to an online copy of the book see the resources section below.)

The concept of Holism was founded in the Greek root word Holos as dynamical coherent wholeness and from which the Holos Earth Project derives its name. 

We invite you to join us in preparing a this Holism Festival 2026 at which we will be celebrating endeavours and achievements in applying Holistic Perspective and Practice. We are launching this pilgrimage this summer with a series of on-line events starting with holistic practitioner Daniel Christian Wahl.

At the Festival, we will celebrate not only the achievements, but also the endeavours of courageous innovators who have striven to apply holistic approaches to our collective core existential challenges and opportunities. We want to amplify the lessons learned, and also track the development and advancement of the holistic perspective throughout the past century.

It was, after all, Smuts’ humble consideration that the concept of Holism to be an initial framework to be further developed by transformative thinkers and practitioners. 

Already in 2000, Ervin Laszlo penned the paper Transition from logos to holos: The challenge of civilisational change.
He identified the need for a paradigmatic societal shift from ‘logos’ (materialistic reductionism) to ‘holos’ (organismic syncretism) if civilisation is to progress.  

We are grateful for the growing support the holistic perspective and practice has found in various disciplines. Although, initially this was focused in the field of medicine and wellness, it has now expanded into a multidisciplinary spectrum of research and practice and we wish to celebrate, illuminate and draw lessons from those who have pioneered holistic endeavours.

On ‘Holism and Evolution’

From a philosophical and scientific perspective, after Albert Einstein studied Smuts’ book, he declared that two mental constructs would direct human thinking in the next millennium:

  • his own mental construct of ‘relativity’ and
  • Smuts’ construct of ‘holism’.

In the work of Smuts he saw a clear blueprint of much of his own life, work and personality (see Du Plessis and Weathers).

From a psychological perspective, after Alfred Adler engaged with Holism and Evolution, he wrote to Smuts:

“Reading your book … I felt very much moved by all your explanations. I could see very clearly what had been the key of our science. Besides the great value of your contributions in many other directions, I recognised the view in regard to what we have called “unity” and “coherence”. I feel very glad to recommend your book to all my students and followers as the best preparation for Individual Psychology.”

Next steps

You will be so welcome to join the Evolutionary Pilgrimage Towards a Holistic Future:

  • Meet with us in our Summer Programme 2023: a series of on-line events where we will dialogue the latest insights and applications of the holistic perspective. In four sessions from June to September 2023, we will be working with the rich content from two long conversations between Daniel Christian Wahl and the Holos-Earth Project core team captured in five videos which form the basis for conversation.
  • Inform us of your own initiatives, based on the holistic perspective and practice, and identify other potential initiatives that can be celebrated.
  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, soke up and share holistic perspectives on a wide range of themes.

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