Four Levels Of Inquiry

From the holistic perspective our approach will be from four levels of inquiry that will form the focus for our holistic practitioner groups engaging at each level.


Exploring the deeper dimension of being human from the holistic perspective with a view to discovering whether there is yet a further quality of intelligence that can be accessed. Pondering our deeper role in holistic evolution.

Scientific and philosophical

Re-examining from available evidence whether our prevailing empirical knowledge systems have disenabled collaboration with natural processes. Contributing to the development of an emergent holistic science better able to engage with natural process, and how that might be informed by arcane wisdom.


Contributing to the human learning experience to better support the requisite mind-shift to the holistic perspective for current generations. Offering learning and education opportunities that will better enable future generations to cope with their existential challenges and optimise their emergent opportunities.


Holding the intention for the network to become mutually supportive of holistic practitioners in their various fields of application. Drawing on their experience to re-inform the learning and discovery process through on-going research in practice.

Each individual theme will be explored through four levels of focus, namely ‘metaphysical’, ‘scientific and philosophical’,
‘educational’ & ‘practical application’.