Who We Are

Convenor & Chair of the Inner Node

Claudius van Wyk

As a life-long scholar of holism, Claudius has enjoyed a career in executive coaching and organisational consultation offering strategic transformation facilitation for over 25 years. He applies complexity-theory insights to strategic management and leadership focused on wellness and sustainability. His expertise is applying holistic approaches to promote engagement and resilience in the dynamic world. He holds post-graduate degrees in applied ethics and organisational behaviour and a Ph.D. from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine for research into a transformed epistemology to wellbeing.

Claudius lectured complexity science approaches on economics to MA students at Schumacher College, where he also developed a short-course, ‘Holism and Leadership – Transforming Organisational Practice’. He has addressed conferences on economics and governance at Kingston University, London, Bournemouth University, and the University of Pretoria. He is an external marker for Ashridge/Hult Business School in the post-graduate Master’s in Management program.

Claudius was honoured to be asked to give the memorial oration on the 150th anniverary of the death of Jan Smuts, the originator of Holism and author of Holism & Evolution [1926].

Claudius lives with his wife, Michelle, in Granada, Spain.

The Inner Node Team

Joshua Malkin

Joshua Malkin is a holistic thinker and activist. His particular interest is in systemic community and public wellbeing and the design of civil ecologies that that deliver coherence, resilience and community wealth.

He has consistently campaigned for a new dimension of political economy through the re-balancing of the state and the market with civil society, to harness a new layer of value through collaboration and collaborative structures. He was one of the originators of the concept of community wealth building and is active in promoting holistic economic models that reframe production as a service and separate profit from power such as the Common’s Equity Society and the ONE Society model. 

He is an advisor to the Vocaleyes Participatory City Platform, which aims to deliver democratic agency over decentralized networks something that our ancient institutions are unable to do.

He has worked at director level in major urban regeneration projects as well as in the public and voluntary sectors and is a co founder of Civil Society Alliance, The Kindness Revolution and The Heart Shift.

Egon Hus

Egon finds meaning and fulfilment in supporting and guiding people and organizations on their journey towards a more connected existence, the connection with their inner being as well as the connection with nature, society and a long-term sustainable future.

With a distinctive approach that combines the insights from the analytical world and the wisdom from the spiritual world, he enables people and organizations to find new understandings and breakthroughs on their path to develop and strengthen their leadership, from concepts of common benefit, emergence and regeneration, to have more impact in a world that needs change.

As a seasoned leader in the digital world @CGI and @WIPRO and an entrepreneur in personal, team and organizational development @iimproof, he understands all the aspects of todays’ business and human development.

And at the same time, he enjoys being an apprentice on his own infinite journey of being, always curious about what tomorrow will bring.

Egon is a Dutch national and currently lives in Italy and Germany. He holds a degree in business administration.

Yingzhao Liu

Yingzhao is founder of Original Mind Residency, a creative retreat space in the Cascade mountains outside of Seattle, a strategist for the network leadership organization Converge for Impact, and an advisor at Conscious Consulting Group. She has recently been lecturer at Stanford University and design director for international markets at LinkedIn.

She has a practice of integrating deep spiritual practice with our complex modern life—drawing from Zen Buddhism as well as the Native American path, Ying supports others on their journey of inner and outer transformation by shifting consciousness to deeper and deeper levels.

She also leads experiential education for American students in Asia, for a pioneering company called Where There Be Dragons.

Ying is native to mainland China and came to the U.S. at age 18, at home in liminal spaces and eventually found her tribe of global citizens, artists, and quiet revolutionaries who live in both the modern and the timeless.

Marcus Demetrius Link

Marcus describes himself as a cultural creative active as entrepreneur, researcher, and writer with a special interest in the theme of human becoming and the human relationship with nature.

As an entrepreneur and organisational leader, Marcus has delivered complex innovation projects in education, agriculture, and digital business. Since 2019, he is co-founding COO of New Foundation Farms, a regenerative disruptor enterprise with the mission of establishing regenerative agriculture at scale.

As a researcher, Marcus is interested in the alchemical edge of becoming, drawing on his interests in depth psychology, mysticism, philosophy, poetry, and ecology.
In November 2020, the UK-based Food, Farming & Countryside Commission published the report “Farming Smarter: The Case for Agroecological Enterprise” which is based on his research into regenerative agriculture around the world and its economic and ecological potential.

As a writer, Marcus publishes his essays, poems, and stories as the Quantum Poet on his Fool’s Journey at foolsjourney.me. In 2021, he published a collection of eight poems titled Quanticles of Emergence. He is currently working on a number of titles including Alchemy of Wholeness.

Marcus was born in Ireland, grew up in Germany, and now lives in England. He once studied philosophy, religious studies, and business.