Seven Themes For Humanity & Planet

Human Becoming

Exploring the evolutionary emergence of human consciousness and practice through history with a specific focus on what is needed to support a holistic adaptive and creative capacity at this time.

Holistic Wellbeing

Rigorously re-appraising our notions and accompanying evaluation of health and wellbeing from material flourishing to deeper and meaningful life experience focus on individual and collective self-discovery and systemic wellbeing. 

Holistic Education

A deep holistic immersion in how we might learn and grow together in order to better actualise our potential through human interactive collaboration.

Holistic Economy

Exploring the nature of creativity – the essence of being human – that forms a foundation for human productivity, agility and adaptability. We shall explore the multifaceted nature of the essentials of creativity.

Holistic Governance

Exploring how we might better organise and enable ethical self-regulating communities, regions, nations and international society through holistic systems of governance whilst deeply respecting individual autonomy and sanctity.

Planetary Resource Management

Rigorously examining our prevailing economic systems to better optimise our stewardship of the exchange of human and natural resources. The key focus will be exploring holistic management systems and practices directed toward enabling planetary regeneration. 

Whole Systems Security

In a growing ‘surveillance’ society, manipulated by governments and multinational corporations, we will guard against being reduced to algorithmic caricatures of what it means to be fully human. We will rigorously evaluate the exponential application and impact of information technology and AI-driven big data manipulation.