Cultivating the Holistic Worldview & Practice

An applied awareness programme for personal empowerment in a world in fundamental transition.

The programme is grounded in well-researched, albeit emergent, applied holistic science, complexity theory, and quantum neuroscience.

Participation will help unlock your innate capacity to take the quantum leap to the critical ‘process’ perspective – enabling better navigation of the super-wicked ‘edge of chaos’ problems-spaces as we enter the ‘Great Transition’.

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Course created and led by Dr Claudius van Wyk, Founder and Chair of the Holos Earth Project:

“This offering is a synthesis of my life experience working with complexity approaches to address whole-dynamical system complex issues. At its essence will be creating the shared space to take the quantum leap in self-transcendent perspective and practice to true holism – beyond intellectualism. We will explore and endeavour a compassionate embrace of the ‘is-ness’ of the human evolutionary trajectory and allow the deeper purposeful nature of ‘Being’ itself to inform our vision of possibility.”

Dr Claudius van Wyk

Course Programme

Semester 1

March/April 2022

Introducing holistic science – we will examine dynamical whole systems (organisations, communities, societies, ecosystems, etc.), exploring At De Lange’s 7 enabling conditions for dynamic organisation vitality 

Session 1 – Sunday 13th March 2022:

Introduction to the perspective of the original author of holism, Jan Christian Smuts, describing a hierarchy of creative evolution:

  • Quantum underworld
  • Material manifestation
  • Living systems emergence
  • Responsive awareness
  • Human personality
  • Social organisation
  • Value creation

Session 2 – Sunday 20th March 2022:

Introduction to physicist At de Lange’s seven essentialities for living system vitality:

  • Sureness
  • Wholeness
  • Otherness
  • Openness
  • Spareness
  • Liveness
  • Fruitfulness

Introducing complexity theory we will offer a seven-phase process – how to apply ‘Complex Human Adaptive Intelligence’ – working with dynamical whole systems (developed by The Evolutionary Transformations Group).

Session 3 – Sunday 27th March 2022:

We re-examine VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and identify the core indicative features of complex dynamical systems. We introduce the EMK methodology of (a) the multidimensionality of the problem-space, (b) creating an enabling environment, and (c) entering the field of possibilities.

Session 4 – Sunday 03 April 2022:

We examine the nature of a complex problem-space and how to embrace it – introduction to Snowden’s differentiation between ‘simple’, ‘complicated’, ‘complex’ and ‘chaotic’ situations.

Semester 2

April/May 2022

Session 5 – Sunday 24th April 2022 8th May 2022:

Personal emotional positioning in respect of the complex problem-space – addressing the impact of emotional attitudinal stances:

  • Frustration and anger
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Loss and deprivation
  • Aversion
  • Joyful engagement

Session 6 – Sunday 1st May 2022 15th May 2022:

We examine values stance, as the core organising criteria for focus,  to addressing the problem-space in nine archetypes

  • Caveman
  • Clansman
  • Warrior
  • Gatekeeper
  • Entrepreneur
  • Humanist
  • Systems analyst
  • Universalist
  • Shaman

In our exploration of Quantum Neuroscience relevant NLP principles will be offered located in a quantum perspective as researched with neurosurgeon Ian Weinberg (Quantum Determinism).

  • Learning about and enhancing perception
  • Managing emotions to reflow energy and motivation
  • Learning how to escape the trap of inhibiting language
  • How to establish compelling outcomes
  • Learning how to reprogramme past inhibiting experiences
  • Practicing exquisite attendance

Session 7 – Sunday 8th May 2022 22nd May 2022:

Exploring Velmans’ ‘reflexive monism’ and Korzybski’s ‘map and territory’ – learning about and enhancing perception

Session 8 – Sunday 15th May 2022 29th May 2022:

Transforming ‘emotions’ into ‘energy seeking purpose’ – modifying Rachel Jack’s 4 responses – managing emotions to reflow energy and motivation

Semester 3

June/July 2022

Session 9 – Sunday 5th June 2022 12th June 2022:

Exploring the ‘ linguistic metamodel’ to enhance ‘process perception’ – learning how to escape the trap of inhibiting language

Session 10 – Sunday 12th June 2022 19th June 2022:

Establishing compelling outcomes and enhanced creativity – practicing adaptive agility

Session 11 –  Sunday 19th June 2022 26th June 2022:

Working with James’ timeline to integrate and transcend inhibiting past experience

Session 12 – Sunday 26th June 2022 3rd July 2022:

Practicing the power of ‘pacing and leading’ (rapport) – as exquisite attendance.

Semester 4

July/August 2022

We encapsulate the learnings in the five-sided Pentagon.

The core capacities:

  • Presence
  • Agility
  • Engagement
  • Resilience
  • Creativity

Session 13 – Sunday 10th July 2022 17th July 2022:

Examining and practicing presence and agility – ‘being with process’

Session 14 – Sunday 17th July 2022 24th July 2022:

Applying presence and agility to enhanced ‘engagement/commitment and shared resilience (Taleb’s antifragile)

Session 15 – Sunday 24th July 2022 31st July 2022:

Exploring the Disney process of creativity – correlated to At de Lange’s 7 essentialities.

Session 16 – Sunday 31 July 2022 14th August 2022:

On-line co-facilitated evaluation of learnings. 

Cost + donation

You are requested to cover the basic admin costs of £100 per semester – £400 basic fee for the entire course. You are free to make a further donation as you feel moved.
Please contact us for payment details.

Time commitment

32 hours of training will be offered in four “semesters” of four-weeks with a break of two weeks in between each block for research and practice. 

Course registration

Free 1-hour Taster session: 1st February 2022 Register for the FREE taster session

First formal session: 13th March 2022 Register for the course

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